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How to Use The Planets to Access New Realms of Consciousness, Healing and Spiritual Guidance
with Donna Woodwell

Dear Astrology Lover,

Not long ago, our ancestors gazed at the night sky and found a world that was ALIVE.

They communicated with the planets via ceremony, meditation, rites of passage and hypnotic trances.... And the planets talked back.

They are still talking today, if you know how to listen...

Mercury connects your higher self with your inner and outer worlds so you may express yourself fully.

Venus will show you how to fulfill your deepest love and find your soulmate…

Mars is intense and directs your energy into positive action to achieve your goals...

Jupiter shows you how to walk in balance, joy and gratitude so you can live in right relationship with cosmic energies.

Saturn brings you the focus and self-discipline to create the life you deserve.

Of course, planets are only as helpful as your relationship with them...

They need conscious connection in order to fulfill their role as guardian and protector...

Without conscious contact, the influences of the planets can be disorganized and chaotic, expressing themselves in distressing ways…

Who likes to be thwarted by an overzealous boss expressing the dark side of Saturn? Or controlled by an aggressive Mars energy? Or fall for the wrong lover?


With conscious contact, the Planets become your ALLIES.

Here to help you achieve your highest goals and aspirations in this lifetime, the planets have a vested interest in your success, happiness and spiritual evolution.

This is why I’m thrilled to be offering the Shamanic Astrology Training…

Because Shamanic Astrology provides the gateway to conscious connection with the living planets so you can Thrive under their direction and guidance.

My goal for you is that with the contents of this course - complete with history, shamanistic techniques, instructions and exercises - you’ll be able to tap directly into the lifeline of every planet, so you can work with them to create your dream life.

Trust me when I say, the planets will be happy to hear from you.

With love,
Donna Woodwell

Shamanic Astrologer
P.S. The Shamanic Astrology program is available for a limited time only and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  I invite you to sign-up now, while enrollment is still open.

For many, astrology can feel flat and impersonal, but it doesn't have to be! There's a deeper way to interact with astrology and that is through connecting with the planets directly. This is how it was done for millenia and how it can be done today. - Donna Woodwell

The Secret to 'Being' in
Relationship with Your Planets

In modern times, astrology
has become 2-dimensional.

Astrologers look at a print-out of the sky (the astrological chart) and provide insights that can seem disconnected from planets and from the human being.

But there's another way... And that way is to go into a meditation or journey and learn to speak directly to the planets. To have a direct relationship with these highers forces of the universe which are literally the energies running humanity.

They are speaking to us always, we just have to learn how to tune in...

You do this by the following:

Understanding the energy of each planet.

Learning to take yourself into a deep state of meditation and trance.

Learning a safe process for 'traveling' interdimensionally.

Interpreting the information that you're getting.

Understanding how to use the information and put to practice what the planets are telling you.

Shamanic Astrology Revealed...

Ancient Tools of Our Ancestors

  • Learn about the history of astrology chart making as a manifestation of shamanic practices - and why shamanism actually came first


  • Discover the ancient secrets our ancestors knew about how to download viable information from planets to improve relationships, your sex life, business success and well-being.


  • Find out why the planets and stars have a vested interest in YOU and how you can access Universal wisdom via planets

Planets and Stars as Living Forces of Consciousness

  • Bring your chart to life with a living conception of planets and stars that is based on ancient shamanic texts - more relevant today than ever!

  • Discover how the planets are encapsulated with souls and personalities; plus wisdom and guidance.

  • Tap-into the molecular stardust within your own body to connect with your Planetary Allies and discover hidden truths about yourself

Combining the Methods of the Shaman with the Art & Science of Astrology

  • Find out exactly how to determine which planets will best serve you and your specific goals  - and how you can ask them for direct guidance and support.

  • Learn how to form mutually beneficial relationships with your Planetary Allies to co-create for a better future - personally and globally

  • Discover how each planet relates specifically to you and your personality - and how to get along with troublesome planets

Learn How to Directly Connect with the Energies of the Planets

  • Merge shamanic techniques with the study of astrology to enhance your spiritual practice

  • Determine your soul’s purpose in this lifetime with guided visualization and dream enhancement techniques

  • Safely induce hypnosis on yourself and others to connect deeply with your Planetary Allies - to seek advice, heal trauma and transcend your current circumstances

Awaken your inner Shaman. She is your ancient self; the one who harmonizes Spirit & Earth, the part of you so deeply entrenched in nature that authenticity, intuition and love surround you. Awaken her from her dream and synchronize with the power to heal, step into purpose, and live as your sacred self.”
- Melinda Rodriguez

In the Shamanic Astrology Online Training
Course You'll Receive...

1. Complete 12-Module Video Training Course w/ Shamanic Astrologer Donna Woodwell

Discover how Shamanic Astrology holds keys to understanding yourself and shaping your world in this online course delivered over 6-weeks. You'll learn step-by-step how to communicate directly with planets for healing, guidance and manifestation.

2. Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls

Join Donna Woodwell and the Shamanic Astrology Community for 6 live calls to get all your questions answered.

3. Weekly Guided Meditation Audios for Each Planet

Share some planet love! Each of these 10-15 minute meditations will guide you into a relaxed state and introduce you to the avatar of each planet. With practice these will help you build a stronger friendship with the planet.

  • Journey to the Sun Guided Meditation
  • Journey to the Moon Guided Meditation
  • Journey to Mercury Guided Meditation
  • Journey to Venus Guided Meditation
  • Journey to Mars Guided Visualization
  • Journey to Jupiter Guided Visualization
  • Journey to Saturn Guided Visualization
  • Journey to Uranus Guided Visualization
  • Journey to Neptune Guided Visualization
  • Journey to Pluto Guided Visualization

4. Audio Lessons for your
Phone or Mp3 Player

Every video will be available via audio recordings so you can listen on the go!

5. Full Transcripts of every Video in PDF format

Some people prefer to read. If this is you, you’ll love these transcripts! They read like a really good book! Packed with useful and exclusive information, you can use them as a reference guide or read them as you would a novel.

6. Individual Membership Portal

Access all your course materials with ease in your very own membership site.

7. Private Facebook Community

Enjoy interaction with fellow astrology lovers and astrologers! Bring questions, insights and specific topics to the group to receive a multitude of different perspectives. Plus, Donna Woodwell will be highly-involved in the group to answer your most pressing questions and give you support.

8. Level 1 Certificate of Completion for Shamanic Astrology

Upon completion of the Shamanic Astrology Training, you will receive a certificate in PDF format. The perfect resume-builder and qualifier, your certificate is also an energetic representation of your personal spiritual or professional growth.

It is not only the astrologer who is allowed this privilege. People who experience this can call on their planetary god(s) anytime, outside of the astrologer-client relationship. I think this is ultimately a very empowering thing, where the client is given access to Spirit and can call on this anytime, anywhere." -June Trimbach, Seattle, Washington, Astrologer

Plus You’ll Receive These Special Bonuses:

Worksheet: How to Find Your Planetary BFFs (PDF)

This worksheet will help you walk through the steps to find your planetary “best friends,” as well as identify those planets in your chart that need a little extra attention to shine in your life.

Astrology for Beginners & Electional Astrology 101

For those unfamiliar with charts or astrology basics - and for astrologers who haven’t learned traditional electional techniques - you'll get everything you need in these two mini-course ebooks. With over 70 pages of content, Donna will guide you through signs, symbols, descriptions and the electional techniques useful for Shamanic Astrology.

  • Learn what electional astrology is and why it's so useful
  • Discover how creating astrology charts fits into shamanic astrology
  • Learn the essential elements in every astrology chart
  • Choose the perfect time to take action using an astrology chart

How to Use Shamanic Astrology for Healing Professionals

If you’re a professional astrologer, or lead ceremonial groups, you may find you want to use Shamanic Astrology with others. This comprehensive guide features things to consider when working with others, from challenges that may arise to formal certification programs.

  • Learn the importance of a personal practice when doing deep work with others
  • Discover how to hold space for clients, including physical, emotional and energetic
  • Find out what to do when things don’t go as expected
  • Learn about consulting ethics, managing referrals and continuing education

Bonus Planetary Angels (PDF)

Wonder what happened to the ancient practice of Shamanic Astrology? In the West, it turned into working with angels and archangels. This intriguing document explains how it happened, and which archangels were associated with each planet.

“Shamanic astrology is not limited to one school of astrology or astrological technique; it crosses all the boundaries, because it operates on a level beyond such things... Every form of astrology can adopt shamanic astrology practices.” - Donna Woodwell

Once More, Here’s
Everything You’ll Receive:

  1. Twelve Modules of Downloadable Video Lessons [$297]
  2. Weekly Live Q &A Calls with Donna Woodwell [$77]
  3. Guided Meditations for Each Planet [$88]
  4. Audio Lessons for your Car, Phone or Mp3 Player [$37]
  5. Full Transcripts of every Video in PDF format [$19]
  6. Individual Membership Portal [$27]
  7. Private Facebook Community
  8. Level 1 Certificate of Completion for Shamanic Astrology

Plus, these Special Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Worksheet: How to Find Your Planetary BFFs (PDF)

BONUS 2: Astrology for Beginners: Electional Astrology 101 [$97]

BONUS 3: How to Use Shamanic Astrology for Healing Professionals [$137]

BONUS 4: Planetary Angels [$37]

Here's What You'll Learn Inside the Course...

Introductory Video:
Re-enchanting Our Skies:
The Missing Link in Modern Astrology

  • Discover the telos - An ancient system of cosmic correspondence that will change your understanding of astrology forever
  • Re-awaken a tangible connection with the natural world - lost to modern society - but available to those who seek
  • Find out why all ancient civilizations shared a vision of an enchanted, living cosmos
  • Introduction to the Shamanic Astrologers’ Tool Kit: Specific practices to help you connect with planets as LIVING Spirits with SOULS
  • Learn how altered states of consciousness (without drugs) and the right-side of your brain to help you interact directly with the Spirit world and talk to planets...

In Week One You'll Receive Modules 1 & 2:

Module 1: The Sun Chronicles

  • Use the Light of the Sun to cast out limiting belief systems, fear of failure and unwanted anxiety.
  • Form a connection with a conscious embodiment of Unconditional Love in the form of our central star.
  • Discover the warmth that lies in even your most strained relationships or situations.
  • Journey to the Sun Meditation

Module 2: The Magical Moon

  • Discover how you can use the moon's manifesting energy to create the life of your dreams. 
  • Embrace the feminine or "yin" aspect of your Being.
  • Synchronize important events with the natural intelligence of the Moon's cycle.
  • Journey to the Moon Meditation

In Week Two You'll Receive Modules 3 & 4:

Module 3:
How to Work with Your Planetary Allies to Accomplish Any Goal

  • Learn exactly how to identify your Planetary Allies and Planetary Liabilities, then coordinate to manifest career success, intimate relationships and vibrant health.
  • Find out which planets serve your specific goals, so you can work directly with the correct planet to execute with confidence and succeed.
  • Discover how ancient texts like the Picatrix and the Heptameron can help you to integrate medicine and magic into your life through ritual invocations

Module 4:
Mercury: Winged Messenger of God

  • Discover how Mercury can help you speak with conviction and stay true to thyself, despite negative feedback from others.
  • Learn the art of writing a book, speaking in public or expressing your truth.
  • Prevent illness that originates from stifling your true voice.

In Week Three You'll Receive Modules 5 & 6:

Module 5:
Planet Trancing: Part 1 & 2

  • Connect deeply with the planets most likely to support you during physical or emotional (trauma) healing.
  • Consciously direct your dreams to experience outer realms with your planet-guides for specific purposes - like job advancement, relationship advice, or spiritual attainment.
  • Discover simple - yet highly effective - guided visualization and self-hypnosis techniques used for millennia to produce results in the areas of finance, fitness, and evolvement.

Module 6: Venus: Goddess of Love

  • Find out how Venus is the cornerstone for your love relationships on Earth…
  • Don’t get stuck in the wrong relationship.
  • Evoke the guidance of a Goddess of Love that knows your highest intentions and how to get you there through True Love.

In Week Four You'll Receive Modules 7 & 8:

Module 7: Mars: Planet of Passion

  • Accomplish definite goals by creating a healthy relationship with Mars and tapping into His driving energy.
  • Channel BIG DREAMS through Mars to manifest them in the material world.
  • Discover how sex energy is the most potent of all creative energies in the Universe and how to direct that toward success.

Module 8:
Astrology for Beginners: Electional Astrology Foundations

  • Learn the basics of electional astrology so you can understand the art of timing. 
  • Practice working with charts to implement your learning.
  • Lay the critical foundation for a deeper dive into astrology.

In Week Five You'll Receive Modules 9 & 10:

Module 9:
How to Find your Personal Planetary BFF

  • Discover the planets that are most strongly represented in your chart (aka YOUR personal planetary allies).
  • Learn how to work directly with these planets so their guidance becomes more conscious.
  • Tune into the unique personality of these planets and synchronize your efforts.

Module 10:
Jupiter: Planet of Luck

  • Cultivate new ideas and exploration both intellectually and spiritually with Jupiter and enter new realms of existence within your mind.
  • Enjoy deep meditations to expand consciousness for you and the Universe.
  • Discover the secret of Universal Luck…

In Week Six You'll Receive Modules 11 & 12:

Module 11:
Saturn: Planet of Karma

  • Unravel your karmic ties and heal deep traumatic wounds
  • Touch the ‘unseen’ with the help of Saturn and discover new joy as a result.
  • Bridge the gap between nature and humanity by connecting with Saturn’s deep Universal roots.

Module 12:
"New Planets" Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

  • Discover the unique messages the "new" or "outer" planets hold for you. 
  • Learn how to tap into the energies of these particular planetary allies.
  • Synchronize your energy so you can download their assistance when appropriate.

“I actually took this class twice, and I learned new things both times! This class has been great for me as an astrologer who has been trying to figure out how to bring psychic work into my astrology practice. I've been doing psychic work for a couple years now, but I've still felt a wall in terms of bringing psychic work to astrology clients.

Once More, Here’s
Everything You’ll Receive:

  1. Twelve Modules of Downloadable Video Lessons [$297]
  2. Weekly Live Q &A Calls with Donna Woodwell [$77]
  3. Guided Meditations for Each Planet [$88]
  4. Audio Lessons for your Car, Phone or Mp3 Player [$37]
  5. Full Transcripts of every Video in PDF format [$19]
  6. Individual Membership Portal [$27]
  7. Private Facebook Community
  8. Level 1 Certificate of Completion for Shamanic Astrology

Plus, these Special Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Worksheet: How to Find Your Planetary BFFs (PDF)

BONUS 2: Astrology for Beginners: Electional Astrology 101 [$97]

BONUS 3: How to Use Shamanic Astrology for Healing Professionals [$137]

BONUS 4: Planetary Angels [$37]

What People Are Saying...

“Donna describes the planetary energies in a way that both my linear and non-linear minds can understand.  From learning the astronomy of each orb and their associated rulerships to embracing the feeling that each planet conjures up and journeying to the heart of those allies, this course brought me closer in tune with the ancient planets.  

"I not only built upon my knowledge of planetary archetypes, but the course helped me understand my personal connection to them.  Donna's guidance empowered me in understanding each planet as an ally and friend.  The material is both accessible and powerful. I would recommend this to anyone interested in astrology regardless of experience level. " - Thalia M.

“Donna fully engages her students in her teachings. She challenged me with a creative “hands-on” approach that has been especially beneficial for deepening my understanding of astrology. I looked forward to meeting every planet like I was going to visit a dear old friend I hadn’t seen in a while.” -Suzanne H.

“Donnas presentation of the Planets incorporates the Science of the Planets and, myths and stories along a timeline that brings us to present-day examples. This format helped me to understand the Planets energies as I see them manifesting in lives today. She included helpful information on each Planets connection to our Earth bound allies: Rocks and Crystals, Plants/herbs, foods, etc.  As a healer and teacher who utilizes Crystals and Stones, this was immensely helpful.”

“Before going through this journey on the Planets with Donna, if you asked me about any planet, I would have had to refer to my notes.  Now I can answer from my own experience.  The information presented in visual images is easy to absorb, and Donna takes us on a guided meditation to initiate a dialog with each Planet.  My own Shamanic work has taught and connected me to my Guides, but I had never made that connection to the Planets. Her meditations are powerful, her voice is a powerful activator to help you make the connection with the Planets.

“I have little astrological experience, only once seeing a chart that made no sense to me.  That is not a hindrance in understanding this work Donna brings to us.  This is a wonderful introduction to learning Astrology or a standalone training enables us to access wisdom for our daily needs whether it be for business, relational or personal.”   -Debbie Hollow, Melbourne, Australia, Human Design Consultant & Life Coach


“I wish I had learned astrology this way the first time. This resonates so deeply with my witchy soul. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.” -Donna L.