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Meet Your Lunar Cycle Guides

Tashi Dos Santos

Learn more about Tashi Dos Santos at her website:

Tashi Dos Santos
Astrologer, Mystic &
Founder of TarotbyTashi


Kaypacha has more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art.

In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching.

He is the author of “The Pele Report”, a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.

Evolutionary Astrologer & Founder of
the New Paradigm Astrology Collective

Monique Leurink

Monique Leurink is one of the world’s first and most passionate teacher-trainer of
Diamond Astrology, a new dimension in the current field of astrology. Monique has
written several books and her experience covers more than 40 years. As a teacher -
trainer she leads seminars, webinars and workshops worldwide. Monique’s expertise

is fusing the Personality with the Essential Self, based on the individual Diamond
Astrology chart. Part of her work is exploring the new field of Diamond Astrology and
inventing methods to apply that practically in the chart. She shares the theory and
online teachings of Diamond Astrology in a heart-opening way, and offers ground-
breaking workshops into the awakening and processes of our Essential Self to
liberate our tremendous Creative Force.

Monique Leurink
Diamond Astrologer

Christopher Renstrom

Christopher Renstrom is the creator of, a subscription-based interactive Astrology website adapted from his bestselling book Ruling Planets published by HarperCollins in 2002. Christopher also writes the daily horoscopes for The San Francisco Chronicle and He created and wrote the horoscope column for ALLURE magazine from 1991 through 2009. Recently Renstrom was voted Best Astrologer by City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2012 and 2013. Now the exclusive astrologer for Patti Stanger (the Millionaire Matchmaker), Christopher regularly appears on radio, television, as well as lectures about the history of Astrology in America. He runs Ruling Planet workshops around the country.

Christopher Renstrom
Astrologer & Creator of RulingPlanets

Gary Caton

Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer, initiated by a magnificent dream in 1993. An accomplished writer, teacher, stargazer and astro-photographer, Gary combines the experiential power and dynamic images of the living sky with classic horoscopy and metaphysics, and delivers this alchemical blend through the matrix of bleeding edge modern research and pioneering technique. His new book, Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, is already receiving rave reviews. You can also catch Gary online via the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast, or on one of his frequent lecture tours, across the US and abroad.

Gary Caton
Astrologer, Teacher & Author

Carol Ferris

Carol Ferris is a full-time consulting astrologer in Portland, Oregon. Her interest in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) philosophy led to a Masters Thesis from Marylhurst University in 2013. Titled ""The Sky's Body: Constellations and Medicine,"" it compares western and eastern concepts of time and the body.

Carol tutors individuals and classes in her home; has taught and lectured at Portland’s National College of Natural Medicine and Oregon College of Oriental Medicine; has presented at academic conferences, including at the Oriental Institute of Oxford, England; and recently presented to the San Francisco Astrological Society.

Carol Ferris
Astrologer & Author

Gemini Brett

As a certifiable StarryTeller, Gemini Brett devotes his now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. He began his formal study with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, but has since synthesized his own terrestrially-tuned celestial stew by integrating ingredients from many ancient and modern paradigms. Brett's principle intention is to retrieve the Star Songs heard in times before the written word. He transmits the mysteries he finds in sacred sites and living sky through a system of embodied exercise he calls Earthstrology and through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium: Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature. Gemini Brett is best known throughout cosmic circles as an astronomy-for-astrology expert and mystic mythologist, but the truth you'll find when you get to know this fiery Scorpio is that his techniques are designed to water the heart through re-membering Signs of the Messenger's Mind.

Gemini Brett
Shamanic StarryTeller, Creator of Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers

Divina del-Sol

Divina is a spiritual facilitator and relationship coach.

She works with her clients to understand the mechanics of their internal dynamics, and to create pathways of conscious, loving connection between couples, co-workers, and family members.
She owned and operated a real estate and property management company for 18 years, while simultaneously pursuing her healing, metaphysical studies and coaching and consulting practices.

Now she works full-time with individuals, couples, and families to assist them in understanding, empowering, and re-birthing relationships.

She works with family lineage, with archetypes, and with personal and group ceremony, to support her clients in living from a place where they are congruently expressing in a full, open, transparent, and empowered state.

Divina del Sol
Astrologer & Priestess, Founder of Divine Discovery Astrology

A.T. (Tad) Mann

A.T. Mann (Tad) is an inventive and original astrologer, author of 15 books on astrology, tarot, and the sacred arts. His Life Time Astrology is a system based on Gurdjieff that utilizes a time scale of dates from conception to birth through life to old age. It uses logarithmic time, reflecting our psychological development through time and is extremely accurate, so it included in most major astrology computer programs. His books include: The Round Art; The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation; A New Vision of Astrology; The Mandala Astrological Tarot; and Sacred Sexuality. Tad lectures and teaches internationally.

AT 'Tad' Mann
Astrologer, Divination Expert & Author

Arielle Guttman

Arielle Guttman has dedicated the better part of her life to the practice, research and teaching of astrology. Her books on the subject are well known in the field. Her latest work involving the Venus Star Points is an original, break-through idea that is enjoying a widespread audience. Arielle has a world-wide clientele and is currently spending time between North America and Europe conducting tours and workshops.

Arielle Guttman
Astrologer & Author of "The Venus Star Rising"

Stephanie Gailing

As a wellness astrologer, Stephanie Gailing weaves together astrological insights, compassion-based coaching, dreamwork, and flower essence therapy. Author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness, Stephanie counsels clients, teaches workshops, and writes about holistic well-being. She writes astrology columns for AstroStyle and The Fold, and her work has been featured in The Mountain Astrologer, MindBodyGreen, Refinery 29, Seattle Magazine, and other outlets. Stephanie has studied astrology with a wide range of teachers over the last 20+ years, and earned her Advanced Diploma in Coaching from New York University and her M.S. in Nutrition from Bastyr University.

Stephanie Gailing
Astrologer, Nutritionist & Life Coach

Anne Ortelee

Anne Ortelee became a full time astrologer in September 2001 after a successful 25 year business career in Information Technology. Her internet Weekly Weather column has thousands of readers in 105 countries.  Anne hosts 3 weekly podcasts featuring astrology. With detailed and helpful information packed presentations, Anne’s lectured at local, regional and major astrology conferences. Currently the Treasurer of OPA, her other astrology volunteer activities include: Associate for NYC NCGR Chapter since May 1995, Recording Secretary for NCGR Uranian SIG for 7 years and co-hosting a free weekly drop-in Astrology discussion group at a local bookstore since January 2006. She’s also Secretary of the CG Jung Foundation in NYC.  Anne is certified as an ISAR-CAP, PMAFA, and NCGR-PAA Level 3.

Anne Ortelee
Astrological Counselor & Renowned Podcast Host

Jennifer Racioppi

Certified Integrative Health Coach, and a Registered Yoga Teacher who blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health to coach high achieving female entrepreneurs reaching their next level of success. Her unique philosophy—rooted in what she has coined Lunar Logic—integrates the deep wisdom of both science, spirituality, and the cycles of the moon to help women build a foundation of resilience, step into their authentic selves, and stay faithful to their dreams. Her motto is: “Success isn’t a race, it’s a rhythm.” Jenn is also a resident expert in astrology for Well + Good and Kate Northrup’s Origin platform. She also writes for The Numinous, and is a sought after speaker.

Jennifer Racioppi
Electional Astrologer &
Creator of Lunar Logic

Donna Woodwell

I attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent. I never imagined how foreign I would get!

Blending astrology, business acumen and my metaphysical training, I help my clients discover — and live — their unique genius.  My mission: to live creatively with passion, purpose, abundance and joy; and to empower others to do the same.

In addition to my consulting practice at Donna Philosophica, I teach astrology and other esoteric studies at Kepler College  and the University of Texas’ Informal Classes. I’ve also hosted of my own astrology and esoteric-themed Internet radio shows: The Dead Astrologers Society and Donna Philosophica.

A former journalist, I’ve written columns and daily horoscopes at major astrological websites such as and I’m currently the Managing Editor at

My seeking mind never rests, always wondering what’s beyond the river bend. My search has taken me places I could never have imagined. I’m an initiate of the Australian branch of the Hermetic Order of the Brotherhood of Light, under the guidance of “white witch” Leonora “Sageylee” Jackson. I’ve studied hands-on healing, dreamwork, channeling and ceremonial leadership with eco-feminist Eileen “ike” West. And I received my hypnosis certification with world-renown hypnotist Mark Cunningham.

I love to splash and play in the astrological community pool. I served as a board member on two of the world’s largest astrology associations — the International Society for Astrological Research and the National Council of Geocosmic Research. I founded the Astrological Society of Austin and was a founding member of the Astrology News Service.

Over the years, I’ve also worked as a translator, fundraiser and non-profit organizer. I received two Master’s degrees from the University of Texas, one in Journalism and another in Latin American Studies.

I live with my beautiful daughter in Austin, Texas.

Donna Woodwell
Managing Editor of Astrology Hub, Shamanic Astrologer & Teacher

Kathy Biehl

Kathy Biehl has been a professional astrologer for more than 30 years. Her consultations, forecasts and commentaries blend humor, real-world usefulness, and diverse life experience as an attorney, journalist, small business owner and performing artist. She writes for Astrology Hub, OM Times and her site, which also carries her weekly podcasts. Find her on Facebook at EmpowermentUnlimited and on YouTube at the Professional Aquarian channel.

Kathy Biehl
IC Special Guest Astrologer

Amanda “Pua” Walsh

Amanda “Pua” Walsh, M.S., is the CEO & Co-Founder of Astrology Hub. Inspired by the profound gifts Astrology has provided for her in navigating major life transitions, parenting, relationship dynamics, and personal growth, Amanda is now honored to offer the Astrology Hub as a platform for the tools that Astrology offers to be shared with the world. She brings her extensive background in business, psychology, media and internet-marketing to the world of Astrology with the intention of making the wisdom accessible, tangible and applicable for those interested in living a purposeful, passionate and harmonious life.

Amanda is the former Producer/Host of the online television show, PeleMa TV and radio show, Sacred Commerce. She was the Co-Host of the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference and is the upcoming Host of the Servant Leadership Conference. Amanda has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and is Certified in Plant Based Nutrition. She lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii with her two daughters, Madeline and Sophia.

Amanda 'Pua' Walsh
CEO of Astrology Hub & Your Host for the 2018 Forecast


for the 1st Time in 84 Years!

Will You Be Prepared?

This year’s astrological headline is literally ground-breaking: revolutionary Uranus moves into earthy Taurus for the first time since 1934-1942. Over the next eight years, the world will see fantastic changes in the way we live and work every day, but not without shattering our old dependable systems and structures.
As part of the Inner Circle, our astrological guides will support you with Soulwork tips and techniques for living through the changes gracefully. And, you’ll get the inside scoop on the shape of things to come so you can best prepare for how it may affect your own life.



1) Monthly LIVE Forecasts & New Moon Ceremonies

  • Begin each lunar cycle with a detailed Forecast so you can consciously work with the energy of the Lunar Cycle.
  • Receive tangible guidance so you can time important decisions and enhance your personal growth.
  • Participate in a New Moon Ceremony so you can set your intentions and consciously co-create your ideal life.

2) LIVE Masterclasses: Learn the Art, Heart & Science of Astrology

  • Each Astrologer will present a deep-dive training on a special topic based on their unique perspective.
  • You’ll learn to work with different types of Astrology and how to work with transits, synastry, outer planets, asteroids and much more.
  • Every masterclass is designed to help you relate Astrology to your spiritual growth and improve your daily life.

3) Weekly SoulWork Practices

  • Each astrologer assigns "soulwork" practices based on the energy of the lunar cycle.
  • Practices include powerful guided meditations, reflections, mantras, and journal exercises.
  • All “soulwork” practices are specifically designed to help you harness the curriculum of the cosmos for spiritual growth.

4) Connection with a Global Soul Family of Astrology Lovers

  • Join over 1000 like-minded Astrology Lovers committed to making the world a better place through personal growth.
  • You'll be invited to join a dedicated Facebook group for the Inner Circle to connect with fellow members and directly with the astrologers.

5) Real-time Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone

  • Opt in to receive real-time updates via text whenever there is an important transit or aspect.
  • Benefit from “embodiment tips” from your Astrologer Guides so you can align with the energy and theme of each important cosmic shift.

6) Get Your Questions Answered by your Lunar Cycle Astrologer Guide

  • Each New Moon broadcast will end with a live Q&A segment, designed to get your questions answered real-time by each featured astrologer.
  • Additionally, the Private Facebook Group will serve as a Q&A forum, which will be monitored by the featured astrologer on a weekly basis.
  • You’ll receive detailed answers and insights in our private Facebook community feed.

7) Download, Watch or Listen to Broadcasts on the Go

  • Downloadable Recordings and Transcripts of Every Astrology Call are available within 24 hours of every broadcasts.
  • Pressed for time? Have a specific question? Jump to the most relevant sections of the recorded calls using our convenient time-stamp feature.

Plus Receive These Special Bonuses

Learn the Basic Elements in the Astrology Chart

Taught by Enid Newberg, President of Kepler College &
Donna Woodwell, Astrologer & Astrology Hub Managing Editor

Have you ever wondered how to read an astrology chart? This 3-hour class will get you grounded in the basic foundations. Here's what you will learn:

  • The elements of an astrological chart.
  • What the different planets mean in your chart.
  • What the Astrological Houses and House Placements mean for you.


Downloadable Recordings of 13 Leading Astrologers
Giving You An Insider's Look at 2018


Over 9 hours of video and audio content, featuring our 13 Inner Circle Astrologers and covering the most important astrological events of 2018. You will:

  • Discover the major themes for 2018.
  • Learn how you can make 2018 the best year yet.
  • Get all the dates for making key decisions this year.

Chart Your Path for the Best Year Ever!


  1. Anne Ortelee: The dynamic energies of Jupiter in Scorpio combined with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn create an incredibly fertile earthy year of abundant growth!
  2. Christopher Renstrom: The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and how it responds to last August’s solar eclipse in Leo.
  3. Monique Leurink: Closing karmic doors that created patterns of guilt and fear.
  4. A.T. (Tad) Mann: Tuning into the wisdom of your Ascendant sign.
  5. Jessica Shepard: The most important question you can ask this year.
  6. Kaypacha: How Chiron in Aries will help us heal and strengthen our inner core.
  7. Carol Ferris: What happens when tender Cancer Moon encounters Mars, Saturn, & Pluto in Capricorn?
  8. Divina Del Sol: Discover how to effectively use the energies of the major 2018 transits.
  9. Gemini Brett: The Meta-Retrograde magic of Messenger Mercury.
  10. Arielle Guttman: Learn a simple physical posture based on Venus.
  11. Stephanie Gailing: How to understand what Jupiter in Scorpio may inspire for you personally, based upon your astrology chart.
  12. Tashi Dos Santos: Key predictions for 2018.
  13. Jennifer Racioppi: How to embrace your ambition through the powerful New Moon in Capricorn.


13 Masterclasses with our 2017 IC Lunar Guides


Over 26 HOURS of ADVANCED content to
supplement and UP-LEVEL your astrology training.

Your Masterclasses Include:



  1. Monthly LIVE Forecasts & New Moon Ceremonies [$27]
  2. LIVE Masterclasses: Learn the Heart & Science of Deeper Astrology [$47]
  3. Weekly Soulwork Assignments
  4. Live Q&A with Astrologers & Interactive Group [$13]
  5. IC Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone [$17]
  6. Downloadable Recordings and Transcripts to Tune in on the Go [$10]
  7. Access to Global Astrology Community

BONUS #1: Beginner's Video Training for Astrology Chart Reading [$47]

BONUS #2: Full Downloadable Access to the 2018 Forecast [$97]

BONUS #3: Access to the Inner Circle Masterclass Library [$347]


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We have created the Inner Circle to be your go-to resource for astrology. Our astrologers and staff have put their heart and love into this program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, forecasts, masterclasses, community forum, and 40 hours of bonus materials, you can simply email us to cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.

Inner Circle Stories
of Transformation

Real-life stories of how Astrology Hub's Inner Circle is changing lives


A Forecast, Ceremony & Masterclass
In Each Lunar Cycle

February/March 2018: Revelation
Aquarius Lunation with Christopher Renstrom

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Monday, February 12th

Love Among the Elements: How each of the four elements looks at Love

  • Discover how to divide the 12 signs into 4 elements in your chart
  • Learn the upside and downside to each element when it comes to Love
  • Learn about yourself and anyone born under a different element

Full Moon Master Class

Tuesday, February 27th

Brave New World: The revolutionary and revelatory forces of the solar eclipse in Aquarius

  • Explore the solar eclipse in Aquarius on society and the individual
  • Learn the dual planetary rulership of Aquarius: Saturn and Uranus
  • Size up the past seven years of Uranus in Aries to prepare for Uranus's ingress into Taurus in May 2018

March 2018: Healing
Pisces Lunation with Monique Leurink

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Friday, March 16th 

Making the most of the Rainbow

  • Learn how to Navigate inner shifts from the old and the new Saturn
  • Discover how to finally transmute guilt and forgiveness into love and compassion
  • Find out how to change the past and restructure the fundament in your life
  • Join us for a Live Diamond HEART Meditation

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, March 30th 

Diamond Astrology, Ascension and your unique Universal Purpose

  • Get powerful tools for finding your Personal Purpose and your unique Universal Purpose
  • Discover your spiritual navigation route along the cosmic highway
  • Learn how to finally unify your little self with your Big Self

April 2018: Self-Expression
Aries Lunation with AT 'Tad' Mann

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Friday, April 13th 

How Gestation Gives Clues to Your Karmic Inheritance

  • Learn how your ASC is your birth into this body
  • Discover how to date and interpret the events of your gestation, childhood and maturity
  • Learn how to date your planets in life so that you can plan your future
  • Find your life direction with guided imagery in a special ceremony

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, April 27th 

Life Time Astrology Made Real

  • Theories of Conception in the Astrology Chart
  • How Find Secrets of Your Incarnation in Your Chart
  • How to Work With and Heal Early Childhood Memories and Relationship Dynamics
  • Ways to Improve Your Health through Mind-Body Awareness

May 2018: Passion, Patience & Perseverance
Taurus Lunation with Gary Caton

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Monday, May 14th 

Primal Passion: Simplified, Applied and Mastered

  • New Moon in Taurus conjunct Agol, opposite Jupiter in Scorpio, and Uranus in Taurus all offer loads of vitalizing, passionate energy
  • Saturn's rulership of 3rd decan of Taurus and trines from Capricorn suggest the need for a solid stable container and plan to contain and channel this volatile energy
  • Ruler of Taurus, Venus, is in Gemini and in mutual reception with Mercury in Taurus -this speaks to a need to integrate mind/body, sensate/rational knowing in order to achieve objectives

Full Moon Master Class

Monday, May 28th 

Primal Passion Unleashed

  • The Full Moon is conjunct Antares the Heart of the Scorpion, but from above in North latitude which raises the emotional vibrations of this star toward outer world manifestation
  • The sextile from Mars in Aquarius provides helpful cooperation from wise, action oriented people
  • The sextile and trine to the Lunar Nodes provides harmonious attunement to karmic/dharmic needs and collective trends

June 2018: Feeling the Presence and Protection of Our Great Mother
Gemini Lunation with Kaypacha

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Tuesday, June 12th

Remaining Centered Amidst Chaotic Change

  • Discover what's going on with the collective unconscious
  • Learn what the evolutionary intention is behind current world events
  • Find out how to best work with emotional pain and trauma caused by shocking world events

Full Moon Master Class

Wednesday, June 27th

Feeling the Presence and Protection of Our Great Mother

  • Discover how to use Breath and Sound to connect with our innermost Self
  • Learn Kundalini yoga techniques and mantras that have been used for 1000's of years to open and balance the seven centers of our being
  • Find out how to define and build a spiritual practice that will last
  • Learn how important it is to create space and time for self nourishment

July 2018: Leaving the Nest
Cancer Lunation with Carol Ferris

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Wednesday, July 11th 

How do we conceive new life and creations?

  • Learn how this Cancer new moon highlights conception and creation
  • Discover the importance of daily quiet for manifesting your dreams
  • Join us for a special Ceremony: Warming the conception vessel of the body

Full Moon Master Class

Wednesday, July 25th 

Leaving the nest

  • Discover how we release the children we have nourished and protected into the larger world, whether they are the children of our bones, or our ideas and dreams
  • Learn how to use Astrology to answer questions for ourselves on an individual basis
  • Find out how to transition in gentle and nourishing ways

August 2018: The Alchemy of Self-Love
Leo Lunation with Divina del-Sol

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Friday, August 10th 

Loving Ourselves; Embracing the World; Ruling & Serving Our Queendom

  • Learn to understand the Inner Archetypes & Empowering the Queen
  • Discover how to Support & Align Your Inner Archetypal Facets
  • Reclaim & Integrate Lost Fragments of Consciousness within Yourself
  • Learn the Practice of Living from Multi-Dimensional Awareness so you can move Forward in Congruence

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, August 24th 

The Alchemy of Self-Love

  • Learn how self-love re-purposes all things
  • Discover how self-love re-aligns relationships
  • Find out how self-love empowers and embraces all

September 2018: Centering the Sacred
Virgo Lunation with Gemini Brett

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Friday, September 7th

Like a Virgin - Undependence and your Sacred Work

  • Learn about the Sacred Fire of Bridget, Hieros Gamos, and Rebirthing Self
  • Discover the Earth Wisdom and the Teachings of the Animal Guides
  • Learn the Subtle and the Gross - Mercurial Modes of Manifestation
  • Discover the Goddess' Kite - Scorpio Venus flies a powerful Grand Earth Trine to carry us into the realms of realistic magic
  • Cross from the Above to the Below - Planetary Nodes, Pluto's Homecoming, and setting the stage for the Triple Conjunction of 2020
  • Learn about the Essential Dignity - What's with all the Rules?

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, September 21st 

The Arts of the Chart - Sacred Geometry for Astrologers

  • The Circle of Spirit, The Crescent of Soul, and the Cross of Matter - finding new Light in the Planets through their Sacred Glyphs
  • The Seed of Life - Why Creation Creates in Twelves
  • The Compass and Square, Yin and Yang, the Sixes and the Sexes, and Whole Tone Scales - Unity from Duality and the Virgin Birth
  • Getting Directions - Full Moon near the Equinox Points T-Square Saturn at Capricorn Solstice Point opens wide windows into the true wisdom of the Tropical Zodiac

October 2018: Receiving is as Important as Giving
Libra Lunation with Arielle Guttman

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Monday, October 8th

Recovering Buried Treasure

  • Learn to be in flow with the Venus cycle so you can create meaningful relationships
  • Discover your own Venus Star Point and how it fits into this Venus cycle
  • Discover how to align and maintain balance: between the female/male energy in your life
  • Learning the beauty of Venus and the Venus Star's feeding principle
  • Discover how to know when to begin and when to end projects or relationships. Hint: Endings are just as important as beginnings
  • Learn the rituals and practices inherent in the current Venus retrograde cycle

Full Moon Master Class

Tuesday, October 23rd

Breaking New Ground

  • Learn how to break out of patterns that may have been limiting your evolutionary progress
  • You'll receive: Discover how to visualize your next 7 years to create the life you desire
  • Learn how to make your visions concrete and real
  • Receive guidance to remove resistances to change that could impact your progress
  • Get powerful practices in grounding and implementation

November 2018: Stellar Awareness: An Astrological Approach to Dreamwork
Scorpio Lunation with Stephanie Gailing

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Wednesday, November 7th 

Re-imagining Your Dream Life: Tapping into Scorpio’s Power to Heal and Transform

  • Get insights into the deeper awareness that is possible during Scorpio Season (in general as well as in particular for 2018)
  • Learn ways to work with and through the intensity that is often associated with this time
  • Discover ways to frame what we’ve learned over the past year, with Jupiter moving out of Scorpio, and how to anchor that for future awareness as Jupiter launches into Sagittarius
  • Receive an Active Imagination practice that will provide you an experience of tapping into the riches of your unconscious while also giving you insights you can use in your dreamwork

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, November 23rd

Stellar Awareness: An Astrological Approach to Dreamwork

  • Explore an astrological approach to working with our dreams and other practices that connect us to our unconscious
  • Discover how to use your knowledge of your natal chart and the “astrological climate” to work with your dreams and better understand what insights they offer. Learn self-care approaches—including flower essences, essential oils, and rituals—to forge a deeper connection to dreams
  • Get strategies for recalling and working with your dreams
  • Learn how to use astrology as a tool for daytime awareness-inspiring practices such as journaling and active imagination

December 2018: Birth, Life and Death
Sagittarius Lunation with Tashi Dos Santos

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Thursday, December 6th

Let the dying part of the year become our rebirth

  • Focus, focus, focus, this Archer never misses – the Art of Supreme Intention Setting with Sagittarius
  • Learn Energy Retrieval techniques and how they relate to your chart
  • Discover how the proverbial ‘death’ can be your greatest ally

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, December 21st 

Restoring the "Life" into Life with Astrology

  • Learn how to find our hidden stashes of vitality through working with the humble influences in your own birth map
  • Discover how Cancer and returning home is really the art of completion Find out where your hidden stashes of vitality are hidden and when to give importance to the overlooked themes in Astrology
  • Discover how to LIVE FULLY when facing the Birth, Life and Death cycles in Astrology
  • Receive a closing ceremony, to honour the year of 2018 and all that she gave us

January 2019: Auspicate your Life with Electional Astrology
Capricorn Lunation with Jennifer Racioppi

New Moon Forecast & Ceremony

Friday, January 4th 

Leap into the new year with integrity

  • Learn how to leverage five planets in Capricorn to make a commitment to your dreams and desires
  • Discover how to make 2019 your best year yet with astrology
  • Find out why the new year really is the best time to reevaluate and set intentions

Full Moon Master Class

Friday, January 18th 

Design your Life with Electional Astrology

  • Learn how to choose auspicious moments with astrology
  • Deepen your understanding of void of course moons and closing aspects, ruling planets and strategic astrological alignments
  • Learn how to choose the right day and time to launch your next big project
  • Auspicate your life with electional astrology

"The Inner Circle has provided a space to meet my soul family, a safe container for coming out of the spiritual closet, and amazing teachings."

Ellen, Inner Circle Member

Inner Circle Stories

Real-life stories of how Astrology Hub's Inner Circle is changing lives

"The Inner Circle gives me the opportunity to connect with all the astrologers around the world."

Adrián, Inner Circle Member



  1. Monthly LIVE Forecasts & New Moon Ceremonies [$27]
  2. LIVE Masterclasses: Learn the Heart & Science of Deeper Astrology [$47]
  3. Weekly Soulwork Assignments
  4. Live Q&A with Astrologers & Interactive Group [$13]
  5. IC Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone [$17]
  6. Downloadable Recordings and Transcripts to Tune in on the Go [$10]
  7. Access to Global Astrology Community

BONUS #1: Beginner's Video Training for Astrology Chart Reading [$47]

BONUS #2: Full Downloadable Access to the 2018 Forecast [$97]

BONUS #3: Access to the Inner Circle Masterclass Library [$347]


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Our 100% Promise and Guarantee

We have created the Inner Circle to be your go-to resource for astrology. Our astrologers and staff have put their heart and love into this program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, forecasts, masterclasses, community forum, and 40 hours of bonus materials, you can simply email us to cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.

"What I love about the IC is the different astrological points of view offered by our lecturers, and their generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience. Also our Facebook community is lovely, supportive and stimulating."

Viviana, Inner Circle Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Inner Circle for? +

Great question! The following is a list of people who would surely benefit from the Inner Circle:

  • All Astrology-Lovers welcome!
  • Beginners who want to learn the basics... (see our bonus for how to read a chart!)
  • Advanced astrology students who want consistent deep-dive training...  (see our Advanced Training Bonus)
  • Energy Workers
  • Healers and Body Workers
  • Counselors or Psychotherapists
  • Transformational or spiritual coaches
  • Professional astrologers
  • Novice astrologers
  • Health practitioners or doctors
  • Spiritual seekers and visionaries
  • Anyone interested in how Astrology can bring deeper meaning into your life and promote massive positive transformation...
I’m on a budget, can I reasonably afford this? +

Yes. We purposely designed the Year of Astrology to be affordable and highly valuable. For a modest monthly fee, you will receive a monthly forecast, new moon ceremony and masterclass training - all LIVE and EVERY month. You’ll also be invited to join our private Facebook community where you can engage with the professional astrologers and fellow participants.

I don’t know much about astrology, is this program right for me? +

Yes. As long as you have a desire to learn, you’ll fit right in! We have resources for all levels, including a bonus beginners course about ‘Astrology Basics’!

Will I be able to ask the Astrologers questions? +

Yes! You’ll have two easy options to get your questions answered… First, you’ll be able to ask a question at anytime in our private Facebook group. Each astrologer will monitor the group during their assigned month to answer as many questions as possible. Second, every month you’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions LIVE, as time permits, after each masterclass training...

I’m a professional Astrologer, is this program advanced enough for me? +

Yes. One of the best parts of the program is that you’ll be able to engage with other professional astrologers without having to leave your home! Think of it like a convention at a fraction of the price - and way easier to attend! Also, immediately after you enroll you’ll receive the ‘Advanced Training in the Live Sky Technique’ Bonus course with Adam Gainsburg! One more thing! Each Master Class is designed to take your practice of Astrology further with unique techniques and skills that you can easily apply in your own private practice...

Is there a guarantee? +

Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, forecasts, masterclasses, community forum, and 10 hours of bonus materials, you can simply email us to cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.

I’m not very technical, can I handle this online program? +

Yes. Every live broadcast is as simple as clicking on a link or dialing a number on your phone. In fact, if you’re reading this email, you should have no problem with the program. To participate in the community forum you will need to have a free Facebook account and we can help you set that up, if you’d like help…

How many LIVE calls will there be? +

Every month is assigned to a different astrologer. Your astrologer for the month will join you for 2 live calls per month: one on the new moon and one on the full moon. The New Moon call will be focused on a ceremony and forecast for the energies of the month. The full moon call will be a masterclass training about a relevant astrology topic, followed by a Question and Answer session. See the Full Schedule above for all the topics and times.

I might not be able to make all the live calls, will they be recorded? +

Yes! Every live broadcast will be recorded and available in your membership portal in less than 24 hours. You’ll be able to watch or listen to the classes at home, in your car, or even while taking a walk… Additionally, we will create transcripts for each call so you can read the material.   All recordings and transcripts will be available for download so that you can own them forever.

Is astrology something I can use in my current practice for counseling / spiritual guidance / energy healing / health coaching / astrology? +

Yes! Astrology provides clues and insights into the specific challenges of people based on their alignment with the planets and stars. The Inner Circle is designed to offer you continued education and resources that will help you better serve your clients! The trainings and forecasts in this monthly program were previously only available through private trainings, live conventions (that require travel), or expensive courses. We wanted to make it easy for you to study astrology by delivering all these resources to your home on a monthly basis and create a community that promotes learning and networking.

How does the community function? How do I engage with the astrologers? +

Great question! The community is HUGE benefit of the program and we will be unified via a private Facebook group. We have found Facebook to be the most rewarding way to create a community online because every feature is easy and fun to use… You’ll be able to post your insights, ask questions, read and respond directly to fellow participants or the professional astrologers, and even join us live on video! The astrologer of the month will be monitoring the Facebook group regularly for any questions they can answer, so you’ll be able to engage with them in that way... Additionally, you’ll be joining us LIVE for calls through a webinar service called ‘zoom’ that is extremely easy to navigate. During the live broadcasts you’ll be able to type-chat in real-time to converse with your fellow astrology lovers and ask questions for the live Q&A after each monthly forecast and masterclass...

"The journey within the Inner Circle has been so profoundly beautiful and supportive of what my inner being needs to grow and expand my consciousness…"

Vicki, Inner Circle Member


  1. Monthly LIVE Forecasts & New Moon Ceremonies [$27]
  2. LIVE Masterclasses: Learn the Heart & Science of Deeper Astrology [$47]
  3. Weekly Soulwork Assignments
  4. Live Q&A with Astrologers & Interactive Group [$13]
  5. IC Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone [$17]
  6. Downloadable Recordings and Transcripts to Tune in on the Go [$10]
  7. Access to Global Astrology Community

BONUS #1: Beginner's Video Training for Astrology Chart Reading [$47]

BONUS #2: Full Downloadable Access to the 2018 Forecast [$97]

BONUS #3: Access to the Inner Circle Masterclass Library [$347]


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Our 100% Promise and Guarantee

We have created the Inner Circle to be your go-to resource for astrology. Our astrologers and staff have put their heart and love into this program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, forecasts, masterclasses, community forum, and 40 hours of bonus materials, you can simply email us to cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.